When people eat the wrong foods (or don’t eat at all), they become less energetic, less able to think clearly and less productive at their jobs. The brain requires one very specific thing found in the foods we eat: glucose. Glucose is the fuel that keeps brains alert and functioning.

According to the Mayo Clinic, eating a healthy diet will help improve your concentration, alertness, problem-solving skills, and productivity—not to mention keep your weight and cholesterol levels in check.

These are the top 6 foods you should eat to improve your productivity (from Psychology Today):

1.)    Berries. Berries are high in antioxidants and are great at improving memory.sb10062327am-001
2.)    Eggs. The B-vitamin in eggs enhance memory and reaction time.
3.)    Green tea. Green tea is great for helping the nervous system.
4.)    Dark leafy greens. Dark leafy greens bring more oxygen to the body (and brain), and improve cognitive control.
5.)    Whole grains. Whole grains like brown rice improve brain health.
6.)    Garlic. Garlic rids your body of colds and infections.

Don’t eat:

1.)    Sugar. Sugar contributes to feelings of weakness, confusion and nervousness.
2.)    Foods high in calories. These foods will make you lethargic at work.
3.)    Nothing. Don’t go throughout your day without eating anything—you need food to help your brain process information.

Research shows that eating at your desk (instead of going out for lunch with your friends) may also contribute to productivity. All of the activity in restaurants is distracting according to Dr. Sommer in this article. Dr. Sommer suggests if you have a task that requires more creativity for the day, a social lunch will help you generate ideas but lunching alone will help you be more productive.