Good distribution into suitable upmarket retail stores has been a fundamental strategy to promote and sell BackJoy in Singapore.

Singapore has a population of 5.9 million squeezed into a small island measuring only 14 x 26 miles. People here like to go out to the malls to socialize, entertain and shop. Generally, shoppers here like to “see, touch and feel” the products before buying. Retail corners are especially important for BackJoy where customers can actually try out our displayed product testers and be convinced to make the purchase.

In Singapore, BackJoy corners are present in Departmental Stores and Hospital Pharmacies. BackJoy corner was set up late last year in AUTOBACS to tap a new and very important market niche here. Generally, car owners like to take care of their cars well – often buying after-market accessories to further improve or “dress up” their vehicles. Autobacs is the largest car accessories and repair chain from Japan. It is also the dominant retailer here in Singapore. Its outlets are well visited by auto-enthusiasts looking for the latest car accessories.

There are about 600,000 private vehicles here in Singapore. In recent years with GRAB and similar services, there are about 70,000 private car hire and taxi drivers. – This is a huge potential market for BackJoy to tap on.

BackJoy products were highlighted in showcases placed around the Customer courtesy and waiting area. Sample Try-me seats, were placed on around the waiting room chairs for customers to try. Suitable posters featuring BackJoy products in-vehicle use were put up.



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