Did you know, according to the CDC, more than one-fourth of the population reports not getting enough sleep while 10 percent experiences chronic insomnia? BackJoy’s Pillow was created to provide extra comfort and support for restful and rejuvenating sleep—all while putting your body in proper alignment.

Read on for a few more tips on getting the most out of your pillow and how to ensure you get a good night’s rest—every night.

Importance of Sleeping Posture

Your sleep position can greatly affect daytime wellness as well as appearance. When you sleep with good posture, you’ll fall asleep faster, and improve the length and quality of your REM sleep.

Unfortunately, not enough sleep or lack in quality of sleep can result in a few health side effects.



Vaccines are designed to trick your body into creating antibodies that provide immunity to a particular disease or infection. But exhaustion compromises the immune system so your body doesn’t produce adequate antibodies—making it less likely the vaccine will do its job.

Youthful Appearance

During sleep, a secretion of natural growth hormones help repair and rebuild body tissues like muscle and bone. That same growth hormone stimulates collagen formation which helps prevent wrinkles.

Hair loss, breakage, damage and even growth can all be affected by lack of sleep. Blood flow, which increases when you are in a deep sleep, stimulates hair follicles and overall hair health. Moreover, lack of sleep can also lead to more stress, resulting in higher levels of cortisol—and hair loss.

Heightened Blood Pressure

Lack of sleep can stress out your body and mind in a way that causes your blood pressure to spike. Lack of sleep over an extended period of time can damage your heart, arteries, kidneys and even lead to stroke and loss of vision.

Sleeping Tips

So how do you make sure to get a good night’s sleep? You already took the first step by investing in a good, supportive pillow but the position in which you sleep also contributes to the quality of your sleep.

Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t sleep on your stomach!
  • Find a pillow that preserves the curve of your neck when sleeping on your back, and keeps your spine parallel to the bed for side sleep.
  • Place a small pillow between your knees for side sleep, and under your knees for back sleep.
  • Find a mattress with good support. Experts recommend a soft-top mattress with firm coils underneath

BackJoy Pillow Quick FactsSleepSound_Crescent-Size_Without-Pkg-(withShadow)

  • With better posture comes better sleep. The SleepSound Crescent Pillow self-adjusts during sleep for optimal posture and greater comfort—whether you are a back or side sleeper. Use the center of the pillow if you are a back sleeper, and the sides of the pillow if you are a side sleeper.
  • We combined the comfort of down with the support of memory foam so you can fall asleep in comfort while being supported in proper alignment throughout the night. Inside of the pillow is our hypoallergenic alternative down fill—which gives the pillow its incredibly soft and cuddly feeling without clumping or flattening. Surrounding the fill are two layers of memory foam to keep you supported with proper posture in any position.