According to the CDC, more than one-fourth of the population reports not getting enough sleep, while 10 percent experiences chronic insomnia. BackJoy’s SleepSound Pillow was created to provide extra comfort and support for more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

The SleepSound Pillow is the world’s first and only mechanically patented pillow that aims to deliver a better sleep experience by automatically self-adjusting during sleep for optimal posture and greater comfort—whether you are a back or side sleeper.

The pillow is built in layers of down fill and memory foam so you can experience the best of both worlds. The down fill allows you to fall asleep in comfort while the memory foam layers support your head and neck in proper alignment throughout the night. This layered design provides superior loft without clumping or flattening.

BackJoy CEO, Bing Howenstein, explains more about how the pillow works in the video below.

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