ComfortSeat 15x15 (2)

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the newest addition to BackJoy’s product lineup—the ComfortSeat. Designed to relieve muscle tension and reduce pressure points for increased sitting comfort, the ComfortSeat is the perfect addition to any sitting surface—from hard surfaces like bleachers to office chairs, car seats and more.

_C2A5661Constructed from a closed-cell EVA foam, the ComfortSeat doesn’t compress or flatten over time like most foam seat cushions. And best of all—it’s completely waterproof for indoor and outdoor use. It also features a patented port+pillar design that evenly distributes your body weight to decrease pressure and allow for increased airflow so you never get too hot.

One of the biggest questions we’ve received since introducing the ComfortSeat is, what’s the difference between the SitSmart and ComfortSeat? While both seats make sitting more comfortable, the SitSmart was specifically designed to promote good posture and align the spine by tilting the pelvis forward. The ComfortSeat also has some postural properties, but what it really does—as the name implies—is provide a comfortable sitting surface (like a seat cushion).

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