The exact spot the BackJoy was inventedThis month marks National Correct Posture Month, a topic I am very passionate about. I believe deeply that good posture equates to good health and that it really is the foundation to a healthy body and spine. Not only is it National Correct Posture Month, it also marks the 31st year since I invented BackJoy’s SitSmart—a posture-improving seat insert that tilts the pelvis forward, cups the gluteus and allows you to sit up straight.

It all began in the summer of 1984, when I was on a road trip from Florida to North Carolina, with my father, Jim. He and I were looking forward to a week of golf and some quality time together. What neither of us expected was that the pain of sitting in the car all day would force my dad to lie in the back seat long before the trip was over.

Inspired by that golf outing, I became obsessed with the idea of inventing a product that would ease the pain and discomfort my father (and millions others) suffered. As I started to research what the underlying issue causing the back pain really was, I learned that posture may be, in-part, to blame.1st Display 1984

As an entrepreneur, inventor and sculptor, I integrated my life’s passions to invent what turned out to be the BackJoy SitSmart—the first in what is now a quickly expanding line of posture-enhancing BackJoy products (now BackJoy offers SleepSound line of pillows, StandRight shoes and PostureWear apparel).

Treating back pain by improving posture wasn’t a groundbreaking concept. In fact, proper posture is recommended by most doctors as the starting point for back pain relief. Posture has also been linked to greater focus and lower stress, improved breathing, higher energy levels and better balance. The difference with the SitSmart product was that it provided consumers an effortless-to-use, affordable solution that made the simple concept of sitting with good posture not only easier, but also correct (yes, there is an incorrect way to sit).

This month I want to encourage you—in light of National Correct Posture Month—to spend some time focusing on learning how to sit with correct posture. If you happen to be one of the unfortunate 8/10 Americans experiencing back pain, try to detect what might be causing your back pain and find relief. We’re excited to help you on your journey.

In good posture,

Preston Willingham
CTO – BackJoy