Get Down To The Core Challenge - LOGO_option3Congratulations—you’ve made it to Week 3 of the Get Down to the Core Challenge! You are well on your way to a strong foundation for a healthy back and pain-free life. To this point, you’ve practiced some of the most important exercises you can do for building your inner core muscles—and we’ve got three more exercises to share! Read on.



Bridge with MarchingBridge with Marching

Lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Engage your core, then lift your hips to the ceiling. Once you’ve reached the top and stabilized, lift one knee to 90 degrees. Hold for a second, being careful not to let the pelvis rock from side to side. Put the foot down then repeat on the other side.

Modified Lateral Hip Matrix

Stand at an angle with your forearm against the wall and both feet planted. Push your hips up and back, keeping glutes engaged. In same standing position, push hips side to side. Lastly, rotate hips forward and backward. Repeat each of these moves five times.


Side to Side Lunge

Separate your feet a little outside of shoulder distance apart, toes facing forward. Begin to sit back, like you are sitting in a chair, bending at the waist. Bend one knee and sit to the side. Keep the other leg completely straight, toes forward. Come up through the center and sit to the other side. Repeat 10-16 times.


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