Get Down To The Core Challenge - LOGO_option3In Week 1 of the Get Down to the Core challenge, we worked on strengthening your TrA muscle. This week’s exercises are going to build your core muscles—important for stabilizing your spine, vertebrae, and discs, which in turn can significantly reduce back pain and make it easier for you to lift heavy items, twist and turn.



alternating legTrA Alternating Leg Drop

Begin by lying flat on your back, knees bent with your knees and feet touching. Place your fingertips on the inside of your pelvic bones and find your core muscles. Contracting your core muscles, slowly lower one knee down to the side without allowing your pelvis to rock or the other knee to move. Bring your knee up and switch to the other side.

ProneModified Prone Press Up Exercise

Lie on your belly with your low abdominals engaged, legs extended behind you. Align your thumbs with your shoulders. Engage your belly and lift your chest, drawing your hands in front of you. Keep your back long and low belly engaged. Hold for a minute and breathe.

Modified Lateral Hip Matrix

Stand at an angle with your forearm against the wall and both feet planted. Push your hips up and back, keeping glutes engaged. In same standing position, push hips side to side. Lastly, rotate hips forward and backward. Repeat each of these moves five times.


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