Many people are lead to believe that “proper” posture must be overly rigid and stiff, which is uncomfortable and difficult to achieve. The thought that good posture means holding the shoulder blades back, arching the lower back and puffing out the chest is misleading. Proper alignment should not be something that requires discipline nor deprives the body of relaxation. We all know that stiff and uncomfortable positions are difficult to maintain and cause fatigue. But aligned posture is not stiff and uncomfortable. Just the opposite. Proper alignment centers your gravity and reduces the stress from the weight of the body; thus, it promotes relaxation and should be easy to maintain for long periods of time. It is rejuvenating, natural, and relaxing.

Take time on August 15th to take a deep breath, unwind and RELAX. But remember this tip to make sitting or standing for long hours more comfortable every day of the year!

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