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Since we’re in the midst of the summer months—when outdoor activities and long days of traveling lead to soreness and pain—we wanted to introduce you to one of the newest additions to our current lineup of back pain relief products: the BackJoy Roller Balls.

The Roller Balls (think: mini foam roller) can be used anywhere—the office, home, car—or on any summer adventure. Since they’re compact, they’re easy to carry in a backpack or in your luggage for when you need to release tight and achy muscles after long days of travel.

How To: Use the Roller Balls to apply direct pressure to the spine or other key areas of the body.


They’re great for reducing pain and tightness in the neck, back, feet and leg muscles.

Roller Balls

Certified Massage Therapist, Diana Todd shows how to use the Roller Balls in the video below:

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