Ahhhh…summer is finally here—which means warm, sunny days at the pool, time spent in the great outdoors and long road trips to new and exciting destinations.

To get to most vacation spots requires sitting in a car (or on a plane)…for at least a period of time. Have you ever wondered how you can feel so fatigued after just sitting in a car? Sitting leads to tight, achy muscles—and unfortunately, nothing ruins a vacation or long weekend away from home quite like back pain.

Here are a few smart moves so you can arrive at your destination feeling great:Picture3

1.) Use massage balls. Sitting in a car (or on a plane) for extended periods of time tenses and shortens your muscles, often times causing joint pain. Using a portable massager like the BackJoy Roller Balls will help prevent tightening, relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow.

How to: Move the Roller Balls from one side of the body to the other every 15-20 minutes. Strategically place the balls where the body tends to tighten the most—hamstrings, low-back, mid-back and between the shoulder blades.


Picture22.) Take advantage of rest stops. Rest stops, re-fueling and other pit stops break up the trip and offer the chance to stretch out your back and legs to help prevent pain. While getting up and walking around is a great way to get the blood in your legs flowing again, also spend some time at each rest stop actively stretching.

How to: Roll down your window then step away from the car, holding onto the door frame. Lower your chest down while leaning your hips back. Maintain a slight bend in the knees while stretching for 20-30 seconds. Return to an upright position and then cross the right ankle over the left knee, sitting down into the hip, for a deep gluteal and low back stretch. Hold for 20-30 seconds then switch sides.